As a family, we passionately believe that no one should tolerate harassment of any type, whether it is bullying, sexual harassment, or offensive language. Most of us have been victims of some type of harassment and for many victims the painful effects never dissipate.


Today is the day when each of us can be a founding member in a movement to stop harassment. We need to empower each other to clearly and loudly say, “I won’t tolerate harassment against anyone, not against my spouse, my child, my friend, my colleague, and especially myself.”

Voices for Awareness and Change

Inspiration from those who have already spoken out

We add our power to the quest for respectful treatment for all when we experience others’ stories.

Read, comment, and contribute. Share your voice and your story.

Corporate Training Forthcoming

We will soon be announcing premier training services for your group, department or organization.Understand clearly the principles that support a healthy interpersonal environment, free from destructive and felonious behavior.

Words of Inspiration

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No Harassment Items

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To highlight this message, we are asking you to purchase one of our “No Harassment” items from our online store and proudly display our logo. A portion of all proceeds will fund harassment education in our school and our work places. Our strength to stop this rising tide of bullying and harassment comes from our unity. We, as a family, deserve to be treated with greater respect and dignity.

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